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Allergies - Poor Immunity Is At The Root

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by St. Francis

Family of Man, woman and little girl walking through the grass on a sunny spring day

Spring is coming; “All nature seems at work,” as the English poet Coleridge so aptly puts it. With its beauty and the promise of warmer weather looms the specter of allergies for many. It’s a seasonal transition that can be frustrating for families and children ready to break the grip of cabin fever and enjoy “together time” outdoors after the cold and confinement of winter.

Compromised immunity lies at the root of a wide range of health problems, and allergies are no exception. Allergy can be explained from an immunological perspective, as the under-activity of specific subsets of immune cells known as T-regulatory (aka Treg) cells. These cells function as the immune system’s mall-cops, making sure, for example, that “self-reactive” T cells remain in check. Treg cells act to suppress excessive immune reactions to the environment, i.e. allergies. 

And it’s not just about weather. Many factors influence immune function, and our modern toxic world may be the primary one. We know, for example, that exposure to triclosan, a preservative found in cosmetics and toothpaste among other things, is significantly associated with compromised immunity and increasing hay fever prevalence. Exposure to particulate matter due to fossil fuel combustion is also associated with increasing prevalence of asthma and hay fever allergies. Meanwhile, pesticide exposure is “strongly associated” with rising rates of allergy and asthma, and various studies have shown an unfavourable shift in T-helper immunity, from TH1 to predominantly TH2. Also, air pollution causes plants like ragweed to produce more pollen and to make the pollen more allergenic.

Woman out for a run beside a field of large pink flowers and two bottles of St. Francis Herb Farm Deep Immune for Allergies in the corner

St. Francis Herb Farm has created its Deep Immune® for Allergies formula specifically to help you and your children re-establish the equilibrium of your immune system, allowing the whole family to enjoy being in nature again.  

A line of red Schisandra berries hanging on a tree in a forest on a sunny spring day

This unique formula consists, indeed, of a finely balanced combination of immune restorativetraditional Chinese herbs like astragalusreishi, and schisandra, as well as anti-allergy ingredients that include stinging nettle, prickly ash, and homeopathics. This makes for an ideal double-edged formula. On the one hand, it treats the underlying immune imbalance that causes allergy, while also providing fast relief of acute allergy symptoms like sneezing, itching, and watering eyes. It is recommended that allergy sufferers begin a program of Deep Immune® for Allergies use 4-6 weeks before their expected onset of symptoms and do so consistently in the seasons that follow. Best of seasonal health!


For more information on allergies check out our blog on How to Clear your seasonal Allergy Symptoms Naturally.

Have questions? Just visit our Great Questions Answered page to learn more or to submit a question.

St. Francis Herb Farm Logo
Author: St. Francis


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