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Want More Energy In 2018? Start With Digestion (Here's How)

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by St. Francis

Whatever your New Year resolutions are for 2018, one thing is certain: you need enough energy to make them happen. If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, crave a post-lunch nap, and suffer energy crashes throughout the day, it's time to make some holistic changes. It's true: sustained energy that keeps you happy and revitalized all day long is possible! How? It all starts with better digestion. Read on to find out how you can prep digestion to boost your energy levels, naturally.

How poor digestion feeds low energy

When you feel tired all the time, you might not connect your energy levels with your digestion, but you should. Why? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our digestive organs are at the center of vibrant health. When digestion isn't optimal, everything else suffers. You might feel fatigued, even if you make the healthiest food choices on your plate. So for better energy, start by optimizing digestion and nutrient absorption. In other words, you want to nourish your digestive system (namely your stomach, spleen, liver, and pancreas). Start with these easy diet and lifestyle tips.

Woman throwing water in the air on a cold winter day in the middle of a field

Easy diet and lifestyle tips for better digestion (and more energy!)

Support your digestion by avoiding cold drinks during meals. If you're really thirsty at mealtime, opt for a warm cup of herbal tea instead of say, iced water or soda.

*Tip: Try warm water with a yummy squeeze of lemon.

Remember to chew! In order for your body to utilize nutrients from food and keep your energy levels high, you need to start the digestive process with mindful chewing.

*Tip: Though this step is essential with every foods, it's especially important with carbs (think whole grains, breads, and legumes).

Load up on enzyme-rich foods like raw fruits and vegetables as well as gut-healing probiotics from cultured vegetables and drinks. Both enzymes and probiotics help jump start your digestion for better energy levels after eating.

Canadian Bitters bottle sitting on a wooden board

Use bitter herbs to curb digestive issues and kick the dreaded after-lunch slump. A bitter herb blend like Canadian Bitters helps prep your stomach for optimal digestion so that your wholesome meals can power your days, not slow you down.

Supporting healthy digestion might seem like a lot of work, but when you experience the benefits of more mindful eating, you'll never want to go back!

Have questions? Just visit our Great Questions Answered page to learn more or to submit a question.

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Globe artichoke


A low-growing, daisy-like annual native to Europe and Asia and known to medicine from classical antiquity, chamomile is commonly found in overgrown fields. Its name is derived from the Greek word that means "earth apple" on account of the scent of its fresh blossoms.


For all the brilliant yellow profusion of its flowers, dandelion is a perennial plant so common and hardy that it is considered a weed throughout the northern hemisphere. Nonetheless, it has impressive healing properties, and there's a good reason why its Latin name means "remedy for disease."


A large tuberous perennial with yellow blossoms and narrow green leaves that stands about a metre high, ginger has its origins in southern Asia, but can now be found in nearly all tropical and subtropical countries.

Globe artichoke

Not to be confused with Jerusalem artichoke, which is a tuber, globe artichoke is a large thistle-like perennial native to the Mediterranean region, and its leaves have been used medicinally from ancient times.

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Author: St. Francis


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