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The Two Sides of Cold & Flu Prevention

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by St. Francis Herb Farm

Wherever we go, whatever time of year, there is the chance of coming down with a cold or flu. Bacteria and viruses are constantly hanging around, whether being carried by another human, in the air or lurking on a surface.

In winter – illnesses spike, as colds and flu are more common, due to increased indoor time with contagious humans and colder, drier conditions that allow virus and bacteria to pass more efficiently. We all know it’s important to take preventative measures, like getting enough sleep, eating well, and washing hands. 

But cold and flu prevention isn’t as clear cut as it sounds. Our immune system is constantly working, whether we have symptoms of illness or not.  It’s not always possible to stop colds and flu entirely and in fact, getting a cold or flu a couple of times a year keeps your immune system “in shape”.

When we do come down with a fever, runny nose or scratchy throat – this shows that our immune system is robust enough to mobilize, defend the body’s tissues and become stronger to fight future infections!

What you’re really looking to prevent is a severe cold or flu. One that knocks you down and keeps you down for days – or weeks – on end.

When it comes to being prepared for colds and flu, a 2-pronged approach is your best strategy for staying healthy, and the right herbs can support you in both defense and treatment.

Deep Immune Kids, Deep Immune Original & Deep Immune Licorice Free

Herbal Defense

Deep Immune is the ideal all-around protective tonic that can be taken daily to fortify, balance and support the immune system. The Deep Immune formula addresses the various critical body systems that are related to immunity, with time-honoured adaptogenic herbs that include astragalus, codonopsis, licorice and eleuthero (Siberian ginseng).

This blend of synergistic herbs enhances the body’s innate, self-healing therapeutic powers so when illnesses strike – your body will be prepared.

Herbal prevention is easy to add to your daily routine, simply by taking Deep Immune twice daily in a little water, or with convenient Deep Immune VegiCaps .

This herbal immune support is also available for kids (we know how quickly a cough can travel around a classroom!) with Deep Immune for Kids, and in a formula suitable for those with high blood pressure, Deep Immune Licorice-Free.

Herbal Treatment

When a bug hits and takes hold – then it is time to shift the focus over to reducing symptoms and weakening the invading pathogen. Herbal formulas with antiviral and antibacterial properties are your best bet for finding relief from symptoms and shortening their duration.

Sore throat?

Stop It Cold® Throat Spray works on contact and is easy to use. The combination of soothing and infection-fighting natural ingredients reduces the intensity and the duration of your sore throat from a cold, flu or upper respiratory tract infection. Ingredients include:

  • Marshmallow – contains antiseptic & anti-inflammatory compounds to soothe inflammation 
  • Echinacea – widely known for its infection-fighting compounds 
  • Propolis – made by bees and renowned for its painkilling abilities 
  • Sage – used in classic herbalism as an astringent and soothing antimicrobial 

Sinus Infection?

Sinafect offers antihistamine, antibacterial, antiviral support for symptoms of the common cold, as well as acute and chronic sinusitis. Its herbal combination helps to reduce excess mucous and relieve upper respiratory inflammation.

Deep Cough?

Respirafect is an herbal formula geared toward treating infections in the respiratory tract, including the common cold or bronchitis. The blend of usnea, osha, plantain, elecampane, mullein, licorice, and echinacea is ideal for wet and productive coughs. Respirafect fights lung and bronchial infection, reduces inflammation, and helps expel sticky mucus to help you kick that annoying cough.

Throat Spray and Virafect

Tricky Virus?

Viruses really thrive during cold and flu season and can also be hard to shake. Our Virafect is specially formulated to help relieve viral infections and shorten the duration of upper respiratory tract infections.

Featuring Andrographis, an herb valued highly as an effective immune-stimulant and infection fighter and as a very strong bitter, meaning that it also works in the digestive system to fight off microbes.

So, consider broadening your perspective on prevention, and focus on building up a defense against colds and flu before they strike and when they hit! It’s easy to be prepared with the right herbal formulas on hand, that support your body in fighting back and restoring good health.

Have questions? Just visit our Great Questions Answered page to learn more or to submit a question.

References available upon request.

Stop It Cold® Throat Spray


Echinacea angustifolia

Echinacea angustifolia

ECHINACEA ANGUSTIFOLIA: Probably the most popular and most widely known of herbal remedies, echinacea is a drought-tolerant perennial plant that can grow up to four feet in height. With immunological properties, it is native to the United States and a member of the daisy family. Its name comes from the Greek that means "hedgehog"--a reference to its spiky central disk. The medicinal compounds in the purpurea species known as alkamides are more bioavailable when in the presence of those from the angustifolia species. This is the rationale behind our EchinAce formula.


A classic perennial shrub native to Eurasia, licorice has been used as a medicine from the beginning of recorded history. Licorice root is the most widely used herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Use it as an adaptogen to increase resistance to stress and to promote a healthier immune system response.


Now naturalized in North America, marshmallow is a perennial original to Europe and grows, as its name indicates, in damp, marshy places. With roots that are rich in soothing mucilage, it has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb.


Also called bee glue, propolis is a resinous substance produced by bees to seal their hives. It has been valued from ancient times for its antiseptic and wound-healing qualities.


SAGE (Salvia) is a perennial plant in the mint family which is native to the Mediterranean region. The name 'Salvia' comes from the latin word meaning to save, or to heal, which refers to this herb's ability to heal with its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

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Author: St. Francis Herb Farm


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