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Best Herbal Picks For Children's Colds This Fall

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by St. Francis

Are you ready for cold season? Though the common cold is highly contagious and, let's be honest, sort of annoying, it thankfully doesn't usually lead to any serious complications and tends to resolve on its own after a few days of rest, bowls of chicken soup, and much comic book reading. Still, it's tough to see the kids sniffling and coughing and feeling under-the-weather, and most parents are on the lookout for safe and effective natural remedies to relieve kids' cold symptoms and make the whole process more soothing for the whole family. This fall, try our time-tested St. Francis Herb Farm picks – we made these herbal remedies to be must-haves for every family, and we know you and your kids will love them. 

#1: EchinaSera® to soothe kids' cold symptoms 

This kid-friendly echinacea tincture is the most recommended kids' colds remedy. Use it when the kiddos are down with a cold, to shorten its duration while also easing symptoms of coughing and sniffling. We made this formula to be safe and effective with children as young as two and up. Our blend combines two types of echinacea (angustifolia and purpurea) to enhance bioavailability of healing compounds. 

St Francis Herb Farm's Echinasera formula

#2 TiliaCalm® to promote restful sleep during colds 

Kids' colds wouldn't be such a big deal if the viruses took a break every night – but unfortunately, they're on 24/7. When kids can't sleep soundly at night because of a stuffed nose or constant cough, it can slow down their return to health and energy in a big way. If you can help your kids sleep better through a cold, they're likely to bounce back much faster. TiliaCalm is a soothing, calming sleep-aid made just for kids with such herbs as linden, chamomile, catnip, and lemonbalm. It's gentle enough to be used with children two years and up, and effective enough to benefit even tired and wired parents. 

#3 Deep Immune® for Kids to prevent colds, year round 

Catching and fighting common colds is a healthy part of developing kids' immune systems, and it's a process that shouldn't be suppressed. Still, there are ways you can support your kids' immunity and health naturally, without interfering with immune system development. Deep Immune for Kids is designed to work as a preventative remedy to nourish the immune system and protect against recurring colds. It combines adaptogen powerhouses astragalus and codonopsis and is meant to be used over long periods.  

Have these herbal remedies on hand and keep the whole family happy and healthy all fall (and winter!) long. 

For more information on Children's colds check out our cough syrup blog.

Have questions? Just visit our Great Questions Answered page to learn more or to submit a question.

St. Francis Herb Farm Logo
Author: St. Francis


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