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Why Prevention Matters For Your Health (Plus How You Can Get Started)

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by St. Francis

Is prevention already a part of your healthy living habits? If not, you could be missing out on the big benefits associated with taking a preventative approach to health. Prevention is at the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalism, and other systems of health and healing. It's different from our usual focus on cure and treatment, and working prevention into your daily habits could require a bit of effort in the beginning – but the results might be the wellness game-changer you've been waiting for. Read on for our tips on what prevention is, plus how you can make it a part of your health habits today. 

Prevention vs treatment: what's the difference? 

Seeking treatment for a health issue is what we do every time we walk into a health food store and ask the clerk: “I have a sore throat, can you recommend any syrups?” or “My allergies are flaring up again, what do you suggest?” 

Following a recommendation, you might find a remedy to address your current symptoms and alleviate discomfort like a sore throat or itchy eyes from allergies. This is known as treatment, and while treatments are beneficial and essential in the short-term, they don't typically address the root cause of an illness, or prevent a health issue from reappearing again, and again... and again. 

Rather, what your long-term health plan needs is prevention. The whole practice of “staying healthy” and actively preventing illness not only lowers your incidence of chronic disease and recurring health concerns, it also boosts your health and vitality to new levels. So how does prevention work, exactly? 

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How to make prevention a part of your health habits today 

Prevention means paying attention to triggers and patterns. For example, if you tend to catch that pesky cold every fall when the temperature starts to dip, you might want to take a preventative approach to health by supporting your immune system throughout the summer months and leading up to the season change.  

Prevention also means you don't wait for your health to suffer before you choose to make it a priority in your life. For instance, you might schedule a massage appointment before you experience chronic back pain, or sign up for yoga classes before you feel like the constant demands are starting to weigh you down. In other words, prevention means giving yourself permission to practice self-care.  

Adaptogens and prevention 

Finally, adaptogen herbs make the perfect addition to your preventative lifestyle. Adaptogens (like the ones you'll find in Deep Immune) represent prevention at its best: they're protective tonics that gently support and nourish the immune system while increasing resistance to stress. What's more, they can be taken over long periods. Are you ready to take a proactive, preventative approach to your health? 

For more information on prevention and immunity look at our deep immune herbal capsules blog.

Have questions? Just visit our Great Questions Answered page to learn more or to submit a question.



Deep Immune® for Allergies


Schisandra berries


Astragalus root is a perennial herb native to northern China and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Use it as an adaptogen for a healthier stress response and to support your immune system.


A mushroom that enjoys near mythic status in Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi has been valued in the cultures of the East for millennia as the "king of herbs." Ming Dynasty texts describe it as a remedy that "mends the heart." Use it as an adaptogen to lower the effects of stress and to modulate immune system response.

Schisandra berries

The bright red berries of this woody climbing vine that grows in the forested regions of northeastern China, as well as Russia. Schisandra berries have a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Use it as an adaptogen and tonic to promote endurance, lower stress, and boost your immune system.

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Author: St. Francis


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