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by St. Francis

EchinAce® is a unique antiviral and antibacterial echinacea combination that’s specifically formulated to fight colds and flu by relieving the symptoms and shortening the duration of upper respiratory tract infections.

Echinacea is one of the most recognized herbs in popular culture… but a lot of echinacea products just don’t work very well. When creating EchinAce®, St. Francis Herb Farm drew upon a deep understanding of traditional herbal wisdom combined with scientific research to make sure we accessed the full power of the plant.
The Right Mix

Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of E. purpurea as a fresh plant for acute upper respiratory viral infections. A 2007 meta-analysis, for example, which examined 14 studies, showed a reduction in the tendency to catch cold by 58%, as well as a shorter duration for colds. Four of the included studies used a combination of E purpurea and E angustifolia, while seven used E purpurea (fresh plant) exclusively. In keeping with the literature, St. Francis Herb Farm makes its EchinAce® product with fresh E purpurea roots and tops and dried E angustifolia roots/rhizomes. 

The Right Method of Extraction

Echinacea angustifolia must be properly extracted. As the authors of the fourth edition of the National Formulary noted in 1916, “…menstruums with less than 67% ethanol did not adequately extract from the dried root those pungent principles responsible for the tingling sensation in the mouth.”  St. Francis Herb Farm follows this critical rule of thumb in the manufacture of both our liquid tincture and our EchinAce® capsule, which is a 5:1 powdered extract. 

The Right Chemistry

That tingling sensation is the result of alkylamides (also known as alkamides), which many researchers consider essential for echinacea products to be effective. Research has also determined that alkamides from E purpurea are ineffective when separated from the alkamides from E angustifolia. In other words, purpurea alkamides are quickly metabolized and excreted from the body, unless they are in the presence of the alkamides from angustifolia. Higher alcohol extractions, as described above, yield the highest alkamide levels.

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Author: St. Francis


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