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Deep Immune®

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by St. Francis

Deep Immune® is our best-known, most popular product—it’s the ideal all-around protective tonic. Its unique effectiveness, clinically tested and based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, makes it an excellent immune enhancer. It draws on three classic understandings of the role of herbal remedies in preserving good health.

Herbs that defend 

Deep Immune® contains herbs with a long pedigree in the Chinese tradition of defensive qi, which views disease in military terms, as an invading force that needs to be repelled. Deep Immune® combines these defensive herbs to address the various critical body systems that are related to immunity. Astragalus and reishi are qi tonic herbs, for example, while schisandra is a liver protectant. Codonopsis and eleuthero play their role as first-class general tonics. White atractylodes improves the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. Ligustrum relates to the circulatory system and eyes. Licorice is considered “the great harmonizer” in traditional Chinese medicine, amplifying the healing qualities of all the ingredients.


Tinctures for absorption

These herbs are prepared as tinctures made with alcohol and water, according to traditional Western herbal practice. Tinctures are considered the best and most effective way for the body to absorb herbal medicines.

Adaptogen herbs

There is a third aspect of Deep Immune® that makes it distinct: Nearly all the herbs in Deep Immune® are adaptogens. Adaptogens are plant remedies that help the body adapt to stress and push back against fatigue. They act, in fact, very much like a thermostat, constantly working to bring the body into a state of homeostasis or balance by stabilizing its physiological processes. Adaptogens are characterized by a non-specific activity, which is to say that they increase the body’s general resistance to harmful environmental agents: biological (for example, infections), chemical (for example, pollution), or physical (for example, the extremes of temperature, like a Canadian winter).
Over time, researchers have established adaptogens as a new class of nontoxic metabolic regulators that temper the ill effects of stress and fatigue by reducing the reactivity of the body’s defensive systems, particularly the HPA axis (the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis), which controls the hormonal response to stress.
Adaptogens enhance the vitality and functioning of all the major body systems and organs—the heart, circulation, metabolism, the immune system, digestion, the brain, and the reproductive system. The result: adaptogens can function as preventers of disease and have even been called “medicine for healthy people.”

Deep Immune® is certified organic.

The Deep Immune® formula is versatile, and works by enhancing the body’s own innate, self-healing therapeutic powers. In addition to the general Deep Immune® tonic, St. Francis Herb Farm makes a variety of specialized Deep Immune® products:

  • Deep Immune® Kids Great tasting and safe for kids, this is a special children's version that stimulates improved immune function in children who suffer from recurring colds and flu. It contains only astragalus and codonopsis.
  • Deep Immune® 50 Plus This is the original Deep Immune® formula, modified by eliminating licorice, so that it is safe for those with, or at risk for, hypertension. Deep Immune® 50 Plus is certified organic.
  • Deep Immune® for Allergies This version contains allergy-relieving herbs, as well as gentle homeopathic ingredients that are the perfect complement to our classic original formula. 

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Author: St. Francis


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