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Fight Intestinal Parasites With Safe And Familiar Herbs

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by St. Francis

The bane of wilderness enthusiasts and hikers drinking from streams, of young children and their parents, and of travelers who like to head south in the wintertime, intestinal parasites and worms are the common condition everyone wishes they could keep at bay. Unfortunately, they're quite common – and just as contagious. If you've ever drank water running off a mountain, been around young children, and traveled to developing countries, there's a good chance you've contracted intestinal parasites at one point or another – even if you had only minor symptoms, or none at all. Common herbs and spices you might already use in your diet contain powerful anti-parasitic properties, so read on for our herbal recommendations to stay parasite-free, naturally. 

What's wrong with intestinal parasites? 

Infection with intestinal parasites like giardia lamblia can lead to symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal cramping, not to mention complications like poor nutrient assimilation, low energy levels, and abnormal weight loss. Young kids who suck their thumbs and like to chew on their shared toys at daycare are prone to pinworms, which can cause anal itching, whining, and restless sleep. Whichever the type of parasite you have, it's important to clear them out of your system as soon as you can. Below, find some safe and familiar herbs and spices with anti-parasitic properties you can use for yourself and the kiddos. 

Black Walnut capsules on a white surface with the black walnut amber bottle on its side


Wormwood is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a vermifuge for children with pinworms (threadworms) or roundworms. Use it in tincture form for children two years old and up. You might want to mix with juice to conceal the bitter taste!  


Everyone's go-to powerhouse spice helps get rid of intestinal parasites, too. Try turmeric in tincture form, in concentrated capsules, or as a spice added to meals and warm drinks.  


Garlic is a highly beneficial broad-spectrum antimicrobial you can use to kick parasite infections in the intestines. The great thing about garlic is that, unlike other antibacterial, antibiotic, and antifungal herbs like oregano and goldenseal, it won't negatively affect healthy gut flora – even with regular use. Use garlic capsules or raw garlic added to food (or grated raw and mixed with a spoonful of honey). 

Black Walnut Hulls 

Black Walnut is used in herbal medicine to help expel intestinal worms and eliminate ringworm (Tinea corporis). Try our capsules made with a special, innovative drying process – a highly potent 5:1 powder extract that gives them all the advantages of a classic liquid extract, in the convenience of a capsule. 

For more information on parasites gut help check out our blog on digestion and energy.  

Have questions? Just visit our Great Questions Answered page to learn more or to submit a question.

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Author: St. Francis


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