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Year-Round Health

Deep Immune® - An Effective Adaptogenic Response to the Challenges of Back to School

Image of Caitlin Rivett-Carnac
by Caitlin Rivett-Carnac

The air has a crisp edge, the nights are cooler, and the simpler, sunny days of summer are coming to a close. It’s back to school time, which, unfortunately, also means it’s back to germs time! With this change of season, the return to a busy, intensely social school environment inevitably brings greater exposure to germs not only for our kids, but also for mom and dad.

This is our first year of navigating back to school as young parents. Our four-year-old, Luke, will be starting junior kindergarten in September. We are looking forward to the change in routine and the challenge of starting school. After taking a break for the summer, in August we will start up our daily use of Deep Immune® as a preventative measure. It’s simply the ideal all-around protective tonic. With its unique therapeutic characteristics, it draws on a classic understanding of the role of herbal remedies in preserving good health. 

In recent times, there has been a growing awareness around adaptogenic herbs. Nearly all the herbs in Deep Immune are what are known as adaptogens.

 Playing in the dirt

Adaptogens are plant remedies that help the body adapt to stress and push back against fatigue

Adaptogens act, in fact, like a thermostat, constantly working to bring the body into a state of balance by stabilizing its physiological processes. They increase the body’s general resistance to harmful environmental agents, no matter what their nature may be, whether biological (e.g. infections), chemical (e.g. pollution), or physical (e.g. the extremes of temperature, like a Canadian winter). 

In helping the body cope with physical, emotional, and mental stress, adaptogens carry a host of benefits. They enhance the vitality and functioning of all the major body systems and organs—the heart, circulation, metabolism, the immune system, digestion, the brain, and the reproductive system, to name the most obvious. The upshot is that adaptogens can function as preventers of disease and have even been called “medicine for healthy people.”

Astragalus and codonopsis are the cornerstone herbs in the Deep Immune original formula and, because they’re so gentle in their effectiveness, they’re actually the sole two herbs in the Deep Immune Kids version. Not only are these two herbs first-class adaptogens, but they’re highly important qi tonic herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is to say that they function as a defensive force, keeping out external invaders in the form of viruses and bacteria, as well as pollution and other nasties. In this qi model of healing, astragalus is the quintessential immune-supporting herb, while codonopsis plays a supplementary immune-restorative function in aid of weakness, fatigue, poor digestion, and frequent infection.

So it’s no surprise that for all of us—me, my husband, and my kids–it’s back to school and back to Deep Immune. As a mom, it’s great to have it as a line of protection, a trustworthy natural medicine that I keep handily in my back pocket. Our boys started on the kids’ version of Deep Immune at a young age and really don’t mind the herbal taste. I know other moms who add Deep Immune to their child’s smoothie or a bit of juice. Making it part of daily routine makes for a sure and reliable defense, helping not just their little bodies adjust to a new environment back at school, but the bodies of mom and dad as well. You can’t beat that!

Deep Immune for Kids




Astragalus root is a perennial herb native to northern China and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Use it as an adaptogen for a healthier stress response and to support your immune system.


Codonopsis root is a milder substitute to ginseng in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also called bonnet bellflower on account of the shape of its blossoms, codonopsis can be found throughout China and other parts of Asia. Use it as an adaptogen to boost immune system health and brain power.

Image of Caitlin Rivett-Carnac
Author: Caitlin Rivett-Carnac


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