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Astragalus – Hello Herb

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by St. Francis

Astragalus is a classic natural remedy; an adaptogen that has been a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries. These days, because of scientific research that has corroborated its effectiveness, it has been widely adopted as a remedy in the West as well.

What Is An Adaptogen

Adaptogens are a special group of herbs that have the ability to adapt their function to what the body needs. They are generally used to help support and improve the adrenal system. This is directly linked to the health of our immune systems and in turn how we deal with stress and fatigue.

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What Is Astragalus Used For

Researchers Heather Boon and Michael Smith point out that, “In many instances, the traditional uses and current medicinal uses are one and the same(...) astragalus, as tincture and capsule, is currently used as an immune stimulant and thought to be helpful for the common cold." According to herbalist Michael Tierra, “Astragalus is the primary herb for tonifying the ‘wei qi’, a TCM term roughly equivalent to the immune system, i.e. a strong wei qi will mean a strong defensive system.

Benefits of Astragalus

Compounds found in astragalus have been known to:

· Boost the immune system

· Act as a strong anti-inflammatory

· Protect the heart and whole cardiovascular system

· Treat the common cold and flu symptoms

· Act as a preventative remedy against the common cold

Those experiencing chronically compromised immune function, weakness, and a lack of vitality of any kind, whether from infection or from autoimmune causes, will also benefit from this extraordinary herb, which is also a key part of our Deep Immune® formula.

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For more information on the immune system check out our kick inflammation with this all in one formula blog and our Deep Immune blog. 

Have questions? Just visit our Great Questions Answered page to learn more or to submit a question.

“Astragalus appears to strengthen both non-specific and specific immunity. The conclusion drawn by most Western herbalists is that astragalus is an ideal remedy for anyone who might be immunocompromised. It strengthens many functions of the immune system and helps protect the liver from damage." (David Hoffmann)

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Author: St. Francis


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