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Ask an Expert

Asking questions about how herbal medicines are made and how best to use them is always a good idea. After nearly 30 years in the industry, we’ve developed a deep knowledge about herbal medicines. Just scroll through the Q&As below.

Have a Question? Ask Us

Our experts are happy to help… Just ask us a question or search from a list below.

Where does your oregano oil come from?
Is your St. John’s Wort tincture standardized?
Is your Rhodiola standardized? What is its rosavin content?
Where does your Rhodiola come from?
What does Organic Certification Mean?
What products are safe for children?
Can products containing black walnut (i.e. Black Walnut Single Tincture, Black Walnut Combo, or Red Clover Plus Salve) be used if you have a nut allergy?
Can I use Mineral Matrix and Go Pro Matrix if I am dairy sensitive?
Some of your tinctures also include vegetable glycerine. Where does the vegetable glycerine come from?
Can I take Deep Immune while I’m breastfeeding?

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