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Why does my bottle of St. Francis Herb Farm product have different ingredients from what you have listed on your website?

The last few years have seen dramatic changes in regulatory oversight in Canada when it comes to health care products. St. Francis Herb Farm has been at the forefront in complying with the government’s mandate to license all health care products sold in Canada, requiring them each to have a Natural Product Number (NPN) as reflected on the label. Many of our products have not received a NPN until relatively recently. This means that there may be product in your cupboard or on the store shelf that pre-dates the definitive NPN, and what you have in hand may not reflect the latest version of our product in terms of ingredients and quantity. At the same time, we want to post the latest version of the label information on our website. These possible discrepancies will work themselves out over time, as older stock is depleted and NPN versions of our products become widely available. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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