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Where does the alcohol in your tinctures come from? Is it gluten free?
All our tinctures are gluten free. Up until the late fall of 2014, the alcohol we used in our tinctures came from corn and was called grain alcohol on our labels. We had it tested at the food lab of the University of Guelph, which confirmed the absence of gluten. At the beginning of November 2014, however, as part of our ongoing commitment to painstaking product improvement, we began using Certified Organic gluten free alcohol from cane sugar exclusively. We are about 90% done with the changeover. If the Lot Number of a product begins with a C or with a W, it contains all Certified Organic alcohol. Because we tend to make many of our tinctures in large batches in the fall after the end of summer and harvest, it will take another year or two for this Certified Organic alcohol to cycle through to our remaining products as they make their way onto store and dispensary shelves.

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