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What makes St. Francis Herb Farm organic ghee special? Does it come from grass-fed cows?

Our pure, organic ghee is free of additives, artificial flavours, and preservatives. The organic designation for our St. Francis Herb Farm ghee means that the cows (and of course the milk) are housed in a clean, healthy, organic farm environment and are fed exclusively on a diet of certified organic, GMO-free foodstuffs. They are not exposed to synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, herbicides or fertilizers. They are grass-fed at least four months of the year, normally in pasture season, during the late spring and summer. Buying our ghee during certain times (fall and early winter, considering the lead times for processing) means a much higher likelihood of its coming from grass-fed cows. For the remainder of the year, however, the cows are given conventional organic feed. This may include silage, which contains non-GMO corn and possibly other grains, as well as hay, which typically contains grass, clover, and alfalfa. Our organic ghee comes primarily from Ontario dairy farms, with supplementation from Quebec.

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