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What if I am healthy and am taking a herb for preventative reasons? How long should I take it?
Adaptogen herbs, which are herbs for adrenal function, fatigue and stress, like St. Francis Herb Farm’s Strest combo, are ideal for all people to take at all times, i.e. throughout life. In our view, the ideal approach to using adaptogen herbs is to cycle them off and on, as follows: 1) The first approach is to take an adaptogen formula like Strest for three weeks, followed by a one-week break, on an ongoing basis. This approach also holds true for single-herb adaptogens like ashwagandha, rhodiola, and such. 2) A second approach is designed for individuals who have a greater need for adaptogens, such as those recovering from adrenal fatigue or high-intensity athletes. In these instances, we suggest added support as follows: So that’s three weeks of Strest, followed by three weeks of EchinAce and then three weeks of Strest again and so on, without a break. 3) Another option is a variation on the first option. Take an adaptogen formula like Strest for three weeks, followed by a one-week break, and to continue this for the summer months. After this, there can be a switch to an immune-focused adaptogen formula like Deep Immune for the winter months, again for three weeks on and one week off. There are numerous variations on these themes, but this is the general rule for the use of herbal formulas by otherwise healthy people. However, you suffer from a stress-related condition (for example, an auto-immune disease), the preferred option is to cycle the product as outlined in, “How long should I take a herbal remedy, if I suffer from an ailment or condition?”

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