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On many labels, particularly in the case of tinctures, the recommendation is that the product be taken “on an empty stomach.” Must I fast before or after or while taking this product?

Most tinctures are more readily absorbed by the body on an empty stomach. “On an empty stomach” means the tincture should be taken anytime right up to meal or snack time, even immediately before. Similarly, it also means that ideally the tincture should be taken two hours or more after a meal or snack. If at times this “empty stomach” instruction is not possible, don’t worry about it. Just take the tincture whenever you can. There are, however, exceptions, such as bitter tonic herbs (eg our Canadian Bitters formula), which are meant to be taken exclusively before a meal because of the way they work. Digestive formulas like Kolesist and Acidux, on the other hand, should be taken after a meal. There are also herbs for sleeping, which are quite often taken in one dose before bedtime. Typically, we try to make it clear on the label which way a herb should be taken.

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