About Us

St. Francis Herb Farm: It’s a Good Thing that Some Things Never Change!

In an ever more hectic world, it’s a good thing that some things never change: especially good things. Here at St. Francis Herb Farm® Inc., we are strict believers in the principles and timeless truths of “herbal wisdom”. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing natural remedies made from the finest quality herbs—herbs carefully harvested and processed in accordance with the practices of sustainable agriculture.

Our Challenge Is To Provide Customers with "Quality - Conscientiously Achieved"

The body is a wonderful instrument, fine-tuned by nature for health. What goes into it matters tremendously, which is why at St. Francis Herb Farm® we define ourselves as a company by our single-minded concern for Quality – Conscientiously Achieved®. Since the well-being of those who will use our herbal remedies is our primary concern, the quest for quality underlies every aspect of the production process “from the ground up”—from growing and harvesting the herbs to formulation and packaging of the final product. To achieve our objective, no effort is spared and no detail is considered too small.

We strive to formulate herbal remedies of the utmost quality and integrity—remedies rooted in the traditions of herbal folklore and supported by the latest scientific research and medical findings. For people from all walks of life, from health-care professionals to everyday folk, this attention to quality makes St. Francis Herb Farm® far and away the company of choice when it comes to herbal products. It is because we pay such strict attention to the fine points of our craft that the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto calls on us to supply them with most of the herbal tinctures they use—a ringing endorsement of the high quality and effectiveness of our products.

St. Francis Herb Farm® began as a cottage industry, founded by its present owners, Jeremy and Monique Rivett-Carnac. Drawing on their visionary resources of head and heart, our company has been serving the health needs of North Americans with superior products for more than twenty years. In the early days, Jeremy and Monique learned the art of wildcrafting herbs in British Columbia; today they operate a modern state-of-the-art facility in the Upper Ottawa Valley of Eastern Ontario, having built a ground-breaking and thriving herbal business.

Because we have always set such a high premium on the excellence and quality of our products, St. Francis Herb Farm® has established many of the basic standards for the herbal industry across Canada. In fact, St. Francis Herb Farm® was the first Canadian company in the herbal industry to identify its products as being truly “organic”. Over the years we have developed more than 200 products, ranging from single tinctures and combinations to oils, salves, lotions, and creams. It is the uncompromised quality of each of these products that has helped St. Francis Herb Farm® retain its key role on the industry’s cutting edge.

Our pronounced emphasis on quality has led us to specialize as a company in liquid herbal extracts. Herbal extracts in liquid form are the most medicinally effective and easy to assimilate, having various other advantages as well. Being essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health, the benefits of liquid herbal extracts over other forms of herbal remedies should not be taken lightly.

St. Francis Herb Farm Helping You “Rediscover the Wisdom”

Our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with our wholistic approach to health. This is the keystone of herbal medicine, harking back to a more traditional view of health and balance in the human body. This crucial concept underlies our other company motto: Rediscover the Wisdom®. Our concern is to recover and make available some of the perennially valid ways of healing that have been lost or forgotten. We desire to help people Rediscover the Wisdom® of natural remedies in the true and lasting process of complete healing.

As Jeremy Rivett-Carnac points out, “Herbal remedies do not target just one area, but rather the body as a whole. In their search for alternative approaches to well-being and health, many people in today’s world are turning to natural ways of healing. We hope that one day soon it will lead to a greater harmonization of traditional medical practices with all forms of medicine, herbal or otherwise. All medical knowledge and practices should be combined and used in a complementary way in order to keep people healthy.”

Our very name as a business shows how important we consider the task of recovering ancient sources of wisdom about herbs and human health. The allusion to St. Francis evokes a sense of the monastic life during the Middle Ages. At that time and for several centuries afterwards, until quite recently, most monasteries included a well-ordered herb garden on their grounds. When people needed medical help, they would come to seek the aid of the friars or monks, men renowned for their healing skills and their wide knowledge about herbs and their benefits.

The Source of Our Herbs

In the early years, St. Francis Herb Farm® grew many of the herbs used in production right on site near the tiny rural hamlet of Cormac, Ontario. This gave us a firsthand, practical appreciation of the importance of properly grown and harvested raw herbs as the foundation for a quality finished product.

Actually, St. Francis Herb Farm® was one of the first herbal companies to use exclusively certified organic, organically grown, and wildcrafted herbs. This remains our policy to this day. Presently, while we do not grow our own herbs anymore, our commitment to sourcing the finest and highest quality raw materials has remained unwavering. All of our herbs are imported or purchased from certified organic growers, or from conscientious wildcrafters who harvest herbs naturally occurring in the unspoiled and unpolluted “wilds” of the Canadian countryside. When we source our herbs, we support and encourage both agricultural sustainability and fair trade practices.

All our growers and suppliers are expected to meet rigorous criteria. These cover harvesting techniques, proper plant species and parts, soil conditions, and drying and storage procedures. Herbs from new and unproven sources are sampled first, examined for their proper species identification, composition, texture, colour, aroma, and tested for a range of possible contaminants.

St. Francis Herb Farm® uses only whole herb—fresh or carefully dried—identified and processed according to the most rigid GMP standards. Top quality ingredients make for top quality products.

Cold Percolation: High Quality Extraction

We employ a specialized extraction process: cold percolation. This high quality extraction process ensures that none of the vitality and potency of the pure plant materials we receive from our growers and suppliers is compromised in any way. Our method of cold percolation avoids the application of heat or concentrations to delicate plant tissues. This preserves the medicinal integrity of the whole herb.

Good Manufacturing Practices

In June of 2003 the Canadian government enacted legislation that set into place long-awaited regulatory standards governing the natural health products industry under the jurisdiction of the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD). These regulatory standards are known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). St. Francis Herb Farm®, Inc., is GMP compliant and received its official site license early in 2006.

We will continue to work diligently with the NHPD, making every effort to mesh our already high standards with those proposed by the Canadian government in the dynamic and growing Canadian herbal industry. This will ensure that quality continues to be the benchmark by which our business, our manufacturing procedures and our final products are known.

Choosing St. Francis Herb Farm®

We love what we do and it shows. Ours is an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality. Hence our motto: Quality – Conscientiously Achieved® We understand what’s at stake in the quest for good health. For us, knowledge and education are extremely important. Thus our other defining motto: Rediscover the Wisdom®

Our years of experience in making cost-effective herbal products from the ground up... from wildcrafting them and growing them right through the process of harvesting, drying, extracting, and final packaging.

Our special competence in making liquid extracts. Tinctures are the most effective way of taking herbal remedies and easiest for the body to absorb and assimilate.

Our work with naturopathic doctors who specialize in herbal medicine. Many of them consider us their #1 product line.

Our products are clinically tested. Our products are NOT standardized to a certain active ingredient or a certain group of active ingredients. Standardization concentrates on just a small number of active ingredients rather than the whole herb. It's the whole herb that has all the active ingredients maintained synergistically in the ratio intended for that herb.

Some of our formulas, such as Deep Immune®, EchinaSeal®, and Laprinol(Cleavers Combo), have been in use for almost two decades. Tried and true, they’ve stood the test of time and are sure to remain extremely useful for many more years to come.

Quality – Conscientiously Achieved® defines the care we at St. Francis Herb Farm® take in every aspect of our business, a business that has proudly served North Americans for more than twenty years, and will continue to for years to come—to your good health!