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Terry Vanderheyden, N.D. | Products, Health
Get Healthy, Glowing Skin with Hepato Dr®

Get Healthy, Glowing Skin with Hepato Dr®

March 09, 2017

The Skin Doesn’t Lie

One thing that has always struck me when looking at photos of my grandparents when they were young is how utterly perfect their complexions were. They were all born in the 19th century. In modern times, on the other hand, in our highly industrialized and polluted society, it seems many people have skin issues, whether acne, dryness, flaking, blemishes, or just plain nasty looking skin! Pollution is one of the main causes of problem skin.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The root of these problems is toxicity, and it is ultimately the liver’s job to remove it from the system. In today’s world, the liver is overworked, trying to keep up with the bombardment of chemicals and toxins we are exposed to in our food, water, and environment. When the liver is stressed, the skin often bears the brunt of the body’s overload of toxins and breaks out in rashes, acne, and inflammation.

The Liver, It Don’t Get No Respect

The liver is an under appreciated organ. Almost everything we consume – food, drink, medications, supplements – is sent direct to the liver for processing. The liver is essential to proper blood sugar balance, the metabolism of toxins in the body, energy and vitamin storage, and numerous other metabolic functions. 

Detoxification Starts in the Liver

A good detox starts in the liver. The liver acts to induce enzymatic changes to toxins, conjugating them with glutathione in many cases, or otherwise making them water-soluble for easy flushing from the system via the kidneys and urinary tract. This is why most detox programs utilize herbs to maximize liver function, herbs like dandelion, globe artichoke, Oregon grape, wild yam, Culver’s root, and milk thistle.

Psoriasis and Milk Thistle

According to herbalist Christopher Hobbs, 50% of psoriasis sufferers benefit from milk thistle. “Milk thistle seed extract,” he says, “is the most remarkable herb for psoriasis.” A great place to start with inflammatory skin problems is the liver.

Proven clinically effective during well more than 20 years of use, Hepato DR® has garnered glowing reports nation-wide from everyday users and healthcare practitioners alike. One Vancouver area naturopathic physician, for example, testifies that: “I have been a student of health and healing since the early seventies and have found your products to be truly the best. To this day nothing compares to your quality. I have been using Hepato DR® for years as a liver cleanser with great results.”

Beautifully crafted by veteran herbalist Jeremy Rivett-Carnac, Hepato DR® is another St. Francis Herb Farm formula that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Now available in both liquid and convenient capsule formats.

For more information, contact St. Francis Herb Farm or visit our website at

Terry Vanderheyden, ND, has practiced in Ontario since graduating from the CCNM in 1994, specializing in homeopathic, nutritional and botanical therapies. He also works as a research consultant to St. Francis Herb Farm, Inc. Terry lives in Barry’s Bay with his wife Laurie and their 7 children.

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