"About 2 months ago I was suffering with allergic bronchitis and by day three, my bronchial tubes were burning and aching. I tried many natural products that we had at home but nothing helped. My husband reluctantly called our doctor, leaving a message, requesting a prescription. By 7:00 PM that same evening we had not received a call from our doctor. We both realized that for whatever reason we probably would not be hearing from her that evening and knew that it would be another rough night with little sleep. We prayed… what to do now? The thought came immediately to try the Respirafect® (Usnea Combo) that we had purchased. I took 20 drops with a little water and in 30 minutes the aching and burning had completely disappeared and did not return. For the next week I had periods of coughing left over from the bronchitis so I continued using the Respirafect® (Usnea Combo) when this would occur. Within minutes the coughing would stop. Thank you so much for your excellent products and also the kindness received when ordering your products. With grateful hearts."
Rose (and Damian) Romano Spring Hill, FL
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