"Dear St. Francis Herb Farm, I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful products you make. Your Calendula Salve is truly magical. My family and I have used it on post surgery stitches, a variety of wounds and skin conditions, including cracked bleeding heels, cuts, burns, bruises, psoriasis, pretty much any skin related injury and condition we've experienced in the past few years. It works like magic, helping skin heal faster while preventing infection and minimizing scarring or preventing it altogether. I've found it to be superior to other calendula creams and ointments on the market and equally effective and safe to use on pets as well (a dog in my case) as the salve does not contain any ingredients which might cause adverse reaction upon ingesting and pet owners know how quickly pets can lick off any ointment given the opportunity. I regularly send it to my family overseas too and we all agree that no home should be without a jar of this potent quality product. The other Calendula products we've used have proven to be equally effective. Your Oil of Oregano (Oreganum Plus®) and Uritrin® are other products I've used and in my experience they have worked amazingly well too. Keep making these quality potent products as I'm sure anyone who's used them appreciates them at least as much as I do, whether they take the time to write to you about it or not. To me the St. Francis Herb Farm label is a guarantee of quality and purity which few other companies can match. Thank you!!!"
Boriana Dimitrova Toronto, Ontario
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