"I have had terrible tummy/bowel problems for the past number of years. I have taken prescribed medications from my doctor; products from my naturopath and tried numerous products from the health food store all of them helping but not near enough!! I was still suffering horribly with pain; bloating; intestinal gas and just feeling sick after eating. I went on a special diet to cut out the foods that my blood test says I am sensitive to, helped a lot but not enough. Then the lady at my local health food store suggested that I try St. Francis Herb Farm’s Canadian Bitters® Well, WHAT A CHANGE to my digestive system!! No more pain; intestinal gas; bloating and feeling sick after eating. My bowel is almost back to normal also. I can't get over how this product has helped me. It is amazing!!! Thank you for putting out such a wonderful, helpful product! When everything else wasn't enough and I was ready to just give up, this amazing product helped relieve my digestive tract and bowel remarkably. I will continue using this product for years to come.”"
Darlene Cartwright
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