"In the past, after doing Olympic distance triathlons, I would get a cold that lasted a week. It deterred me from wishing to excel. After hearing about Deep Immune® in early 2007 I decided to try it to see if it would help boost and maintain my immune system during a time of sustained stress. I embarked on a rigourous training program to accomplish a half-ironman triathlon. I used Deep Immune® during the 6 month training and after I finished the half-ironman in July 2007 I felt fine. I did not get sick during training nor after the race and my recovery was rapid. I am now training for the full Ironman and am resuming taking it daily, and going off it for 5 days a month where I take the Echinacea tincture. Excellent nutrition, herbal support, rest, and a well planned training program keep me performing at my best not only in training but in my entire life."
Dr. Eric Butz
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