"On a visit to my Naturopath, Dr. Autumn Drouin, I mentioned that I noticed a considerable decrease in my energy levels while being around my computer, and entering the high office towers in the business section of Toronto.  By using kinesiology (muscle testing) she was able to determine that I was suffering from Electromagnetic Stress. She next determined that I needed a formula that would help combat all the Electromagnetic Stress in my life (cell phone, computers, television, office tower computers) and was able to recommend St Francis Herb Farm's Deep Immune®. The recommendation was to use 80 drops twice a day for up to 2 weeks and then reduce to half that dosage, which I have stayed on without any further symptoms.    With Electromagnetic Stress a consistent part of my life, I'm very grateful to have my Deep Immune® to help me deal with it.  Thanks for making a great product!"
W. Robertson Kettleby, ON
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