"Dear St. Francis, I wanted to write another testimonial. This time about the Deep Immune® and how effective my patients have found it to be. One patient started coming down with a cold last Wednesday with a very sore, scratchy throat and catarrh that was difficult to expectorate. She had been taking Vitamin C and another brand of Echinacea but was still suffering to the same degree when she came in for her visit the following Monday. Two days later, after taking Deep Immune® 1 tsp. in water 6 times per day, the patient felt significantly better. Most of the phlegm in the chest was gone, as was the throat soreness. By Friday, the patient had completely recovered and had taken 1 tsp. of Deep Immune® in water 3 times per day Wednesday and Thursday. I usually prescribe Deep Immune® with the EchinaSeal® for colds and flus to have a greater and faster effect on killing the microbes and boosting the immune system."
Terrie Van Alstyne, N.D. Whitby Naturo. Clinic
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