"It is a pleasure for me to recommend your company’s herbal formulas to my health food retailer and professional friends across the country. Indeed, as many of them already know, I have used and recommend your tinctures for almost a decade. The quality of the plants you use, the care you invest in producing your tinctures, as well as the complete integrity of your company are givens. But, for me, the bottom line is that your formulas, based on the respect of the imperatives of nature, give excellent results. Those who know me also know that when I use products for my own children, it is because I have complete confidence in their safety and efficacy. That is the case for St. Francis Herb Farm’s formulas, formulas which I have been using with my children for several years. I wish your company the best of success, that which it deserves."
Daniel-J. Crisafi, MH, PhD Granby, PQ
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